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1 Activities  Share Greeting After sharing live greeting to friends via LINE, WeChat, WhatsApp, freebie is then ready to download at CaraQ Shop.
2 Activities Giveaway     Login FB, Weibo, MIXI or any social networking services->choose any buddy you'd like to gift to (Only open to those who downloaded CaraQ Avafie)->Your buddy later will receive and be able to downlaod the gift on personal page. Note that please make sure invite your buddy to join CaraQ Avafie first. Once they joined, you can then send gifts to them.
3 Activities Invitation Once you invite buddies to join CaraQ Avafie via Line, WeChat, Whatsapp, you can then download freebies at CaraQ Shop.
4 Export Greeting Clip and Photo Why greeting clip/photo are unable to save to Photo Gallery in my device? Plz tap on Setting→Privacy→Photo→CaraQ Avafie to check whether you've enabled CaraQ Avafie to access your photos/videos.
5 Export Greeting Clip How to send live greetings to friends via LINE  When sending clips via LINE, please first go to Chat room and tap on "Choose a Clip", then you can choose n' send any edited live greetings to friends via LINE.
6 Receive Clip Why I can't open the clip received via WeChat? As media player used by WeChat is parts of the mobile player, and moreover the video sent via iOS is different with Android system, so that's why Android cannot decode any videos sent via iOS. In order for your mobile media player to recognize and play videos smoothly, we highly recommend to install decoding software at Google Play (i.e. mx player). Once installed, you are ready to go. Such thing won't happen if you view and send video via the same mobile device or even watch video sent via Android on iOS device will be fine as well. 
7 Registration Why I can't install CaraQ Avafie or what if the app is malfunction after installation?  ■For iPhone Users
Please ensure your device has already updated to IOS 5.1 or later version.

■ For Android Users
Please ensure your device has already updated toAndroid 4.0.3 or later version.
8 Display How to adjust display colors if it turns out too bright? Go ahead n' tap on  Setting-> Display->Brightness to adjust the brightness until you get exactly what you're looking for.
9 Reinstall / Device changed How to continually use the gift box bought by previous account if I reinstalled the app or changed my phone? Reinstall CaraQ avafie→enter " Shopping Cart" →Login your account→tap on "Shopping Cart" again to check purchase history→redownload every single purchased Emojicons & Gift box→you're ready to go
10 Shopping Cart (Buy) Purchasing Guidelines: The downloading time may vary depending on your smartphone model, and even it's possible that you're unable to play received greeting at all. So, please make sure you double check whether your smartphone model's qualified before making any purchases at CaraQ Shop. We highly suggest users whose device got dysfunction in download or playing don't purchase any items at CaraQ Shop, as these can cause any unwanted and nonrefundable purchases. Your understanding is highly appreciated!
11 Shopping Cart (Buy) Why I can't find some items in my wardrobe after I downloaded the gift box? Gift box will be downloaded to your phone in batches when 3G or Wifi signals are weak. When it happens, you just need to go to Shopping Cart and find the gift box you purchased, then press "Download" button, the rest of items will be updated to your phone shortly. When you see "Download Complete" sign, that means all the items are now completely updated to your device.
12 Shopping Cart (Buy) Why I don't see any gift box purchases in the billing history? ■ For iPhone Users

1) Plz follow the instruction link below to check your billing history and order No.

2) Restart your device, then tap on "Billing History" to check one more time.

■For Android Users

1) Plz check whether you received any confirmation email from Google Play
※Confirmation email may have been flagged as spam depending on your email security setting. Plz double check the Spasm and Trash folders.

2) Restart your device, then tap on "Billing History" to check one more time.

If you still can't find any purchases shown in the billing history after all, plz do not hesitate to email us at
13 Shopping Cart (Buy) What should I do if I found that the gift box I puchased is different than what I received? Plz drop us an email at with gift box's name that you purchased, account name, social network services you're using, your full name, age and phone no., we will get back to you shortly.
14 Shopping Cart (Buy) What should I do if the item from the purchased gift box doesn't work? Plz drop us an email at with gift box's name that you purchased, account name, social network services you're using, your full name, age and phone no., we will get back to you shortly.
15 Shopping Cart (Buy) Will I get charged every time I want to use those avaiable paid stickers? Can I receive a refund for my purchases or even exchange for any other gift boxes? Unfortunately, refund and exchange are unaccepted after purchased; however, you'll not be charged any additional fees for already paid stickers within the expiration.
16 Shopping Cart (Gift it) How do I make sure my friend has received the gift box that I sent? Go ahead n' tap on "Gift Box"→"Sent-Out" shown on the Shopping cart page to see the status. If the gift box icon on the right hand side is showned as opened, that means your friend already received it.
17 Feedback Feedback If you have any further questions or want us to know about your feedback while playing CaraQ Avafie, plz do not hesitate to drop us a message to our customer service at
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