CaraQ avafie not only offers users to create unique
CaraQ Avatar Emoticon with various accessories
and costumes, but also send live action greeting to friends
via any mobile messaging app., like What's app,
LINE, WeChat and many more.
Detailed Instructions
Video Demo & FAQ.
Profile Icon
Avatar could be saved in mobile phone
album as image / clip.
Default Setting
Avatar will be saved as default once created, making
easier for users to make slight change by the next login.
Press "bidirectional sign" to view avatar
from 8 different directions.
Style Eraser
Press "green sign" to remove precious style
setting one at a time.
Color Drawer
Max up your creativity by playing around the color
of all the accessories, wardrobes and many more.
Share w / Friends
Share saved greeting messages from mobile
phone album via any mobile messaging apps.
Click to choose action
Click to choose favorite action and edit greeting message. You can set up two actions and messages at maximum.
Delete Action
Delete previously added actions.
Edit Greeting Message
Edit previously typed greeting message.
Play Greeting Action
Tap on "Play" Button to review greeting action/message.
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