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The Company's members of GoQoo Online Entertainment Limited are extraordinarily talented and located all around the world, such as Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, China and United States.

GoQoo had developed an open SNS virtual game website called CaraQ City & CaraQ Room under using Web + App 
technology.  Users take part of this game by role playing, and create their own Virtual Rooms. Other than Virtual Rooms, in CaraQ Room, users can go around the Virtual Cities and Virtual Campus/Groups all the way to a big Virtual world. CaraQ Room is going to connected people all around the world since it has 5 different language supports. 
Recently we lunched a new application on Facebook called Qcard. It’s an animation e-card that can send all kind of greeting to you friends all over world. These e-cards embrace our members’ effort and blessing for every user.

      GoQoo keeps learning and accumulating its experiences. Hope one day GoQoo will lead the innovations forward and serve people better.

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